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Haven’t planned your summer holiday yet? Here’s a thought: Head to the States! Flight Centre has shared with Hong Kong Moms an unbeatable premium airfare sale. With prices from $22,350 HKD to fly business class on American Airlines to the States, it’s an offer worth serious consideration. But it doesn’t end there! Flight Centre is also offering $1,000 HKD hotel credit for every American Airlines business class ticket booked.

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The United States clearly doesn’t do things by halves! If you’re up for a super-sized adventure, the US has already laid out the welcome mat. West coast surfers, East coast stockbrokers and Southern real-life cowboys all call this great land home.

The sights are iconic (the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge), the cities vast and varied (Chicago, Miami, Houston) and the scenery spectacular (The Great Lakes, Chihuahuan Desert, Kenai Fjords). Whether you’re thinking of highway cruising, glacier hiking or canyon rafting, Flight Centre has your means of getting around the US sorted.

West Coast Wonders

While the coast stretches all the way from Seattle to San Diego, there’s one state that dominates the West of the United States – California. You’ll definitely want to visit the cradle of innovation, San Francisco, where good times are a given.

From pastel painted rows of abodes to blazing red bridges, San Fran is a visual delight. And hey, if you do leave your heart there, you’ll just have to make a return journey!

Sprawling, scintillating Los Angeles – the City of Angels – is anything but a wallflower. Beach communities such as Santa Monica defy winter’s grasp, perpetually bikini-clad and rollerblading from one summer to the next.

Home of the rich, famous and aspiring, Beverly Hills has a slew of star-studded mansions and equally famous shopping streets – Rodeo Drive for brunch, anyone?

East Coast Excitement

The East coast is a diverse region that beckons discovery. If you don’t get stuck in the sweet Maple Country of New Hampshire, there’s a pretty well-known city you’ll want to work into your itinerary by any means necessary.

New York City has it all: arresting architecture, world-class galleries and museums, classic cuisine, the next foodie fad, department stores you can lose yourself in for hours on end, the list goes on.

Once you take a bite of the Big Apple, you’re going to want to whittle it away right down to the very core. The East coast continues on to include the capital charms of the big city itself – Washington DC. Further still down the line, we come to one of the States’ best known holiday hotspots: the fabulous state of Florida.

Whether it’s the theme parks of Orlando, the glorious offshore bliss of the Florida Keys or the sultry Cuban sway of Miami, the Sunshine State is well rehearsed in keeping its guests entertained.

Middle Ground & More
The mighty Midwest is too often known as ‘flyover country’, but those who do make the effort are rewarded with the big city attractions of Chicago and the musical stylings of Cleveland, St Louis and Kansas City.

‘The South’ is a big draw for many foreigners, where the pace of life is as slow as the local drawl. Big-hitting Texas isn’t shy of impressive hubs like Dallas, Houston and Austin, while neighbouring Louisiana is home to the cultural epicentre that is New Orleans. French-infused with sounds of jazz ringing through its streets, New Orleans is forever in party mode.

Of course there’s Alaska and Hawaii too – out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. You couldn’t find two more contrasting destinations if you tried, from the surf-washed shores of the Isles of Aloha to the frosty fields of the Final Frontier.


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