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Hong Kong Moms on Facebook* has become such a great resource for what’s happening in our fantastic city that we’ve decided to pull out the top themes of the week — keeping those of you who missed the best stuff in the know. Here, a summary of the hot topics. We hope you enjoy it!

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Help! Ghost is Haunting Apartment!

Creepy Drone Spying in Bedroom Window!

Family Photo Album Found at Salvation Army

Child Away for School Still Eligible for PR?

British Mum Confused by Request for Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Homemade Bath Bombs

Highly Recommend Sri Lanka for a Family Trip!

Grocery Bills Gone Crazy — Budget Tips Needed!

Help! My Kid is Acting Like a Jerk!

Interior Designer Needed for Large Residential Project

Flat’s Helper Room is the Size of a Cupboard!?

Child Neglected in Public Hospital

Moms Share VBAC Experience

Landlords Discriminate — And Everyone Seems to Accepts it

Are Upscale Dental Clinics Overcharging?

Bars of Soap for Box of Hope!

A Call for Advice on Switching from Breastmilk to Formula

A Stroller MUST be Folded on the Bus — Is Really This Manageable?

Questioning Parenting Styles in Hong Kong Causes a Controversy

Go Hong Kong Moms: Our Name in Lights!

What is Your Favorite Food from M&S?

Ten-Year-Old Daughter Has Hairy Armpits! What to do?

Is Thermage Worth the Big Price Tag? And Where is the Best Place to Have it Done?

Exhibitionism at the Pulse! Ick!

Hong Kong Moms Have a lot to say about Kitchen Cloths

Sharing T8 Photos

Creative Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy During Typhoon

Chai Wan Starbucks “Uncle” Gets all the Buzz

What is up with Cathay?  Impossible to Reach During Storms

Reminder: Thank Your Bus Driver for Getting Kids Home Safely in  Black Rain

Laundry Tips for Apartment Living Wanted

Expert Advice Needed: Helper Engaging in Potential Pyramid Scheme

Is Peppa Pig Unhealthy for Kids?!

How to Heal a Motorcycle Burn Scar?

Husband Says “Healthy” Chocolate Bar is Junk

What is the Going Rate for Dental Work Here?

Where to Get Quality Suitcases?

Inflated Quotations for Curtains!  Are There Honest, Respectable Curtain-Makers Here?

Is Vinegar Strong Enough to Clean the Bathroom?

Costco Coming to Hong Kong?!  No..But Close!

Need Pediatrician Recommendation in Central

Witness Sees Hit-and-Run in Man Yee Building

Recommendations for a Good Italian Restaurant in Central?

Moving to Hong Kong and Looking for “Flat”, Walkable Neighborhood. Does it Exist?

Taipei Gets Raves as a Child-Friendly, Service-Orienteted City

Trampoline Park Disappoints by Charging for Special Socks

What is the Stupidest/Funniest Gift You Have Ever Received From Your Spouse?

Mom Told She Cannot Squat Down to Talk to Child at Harbour City

Hitting the 10-Year Marriage Mark. How to Keep the Romance Alive?

First Long-Haul Flight with Baby.  Need Tips!

 Mother-In-Law Rant!

Handyman Recs?  Price is No Object! Teaching Lazy Husband a Lesson!

Homesick American Looking for Autumn and Halloween Decorations

Any Remedy for Post-Birth Swollen Feet?

Business Class on Emirate or Etihad?

Ideas for How to Make Treasure for a Treasure Chest?!

Hippopotamus Needed for Son’s 1st Birthday?!?!

Does Hong Kong Pollution Cause us to Lose our Hair?

Old Lady Cheerfully Carries Aluminium Cans and Turns Down Help

Grieving Hong Kong Mom Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

“Stunning” View of Pollution as Visibility is Nearly Zero!

Genius Ad:  Brad is Single!  Fly Norwegian Airlines to Los Angeles!

Anonymous Mom Rescues Other Mom Covered in Vomit – Who Was That Masked Mom?

A Range of Responses to Question: What Do You Call the “Girl Part”?

Cathay Seats Family of Four in Four Different Rows

Massive Snake Captured in Shek O

Daughter is “Downright Rude” and Naughty. Does a Non-Punishment Approach Work?

Hong Kong Moms Feels Abused by an Elderly Woman on Bus!  Normal?

“Life is Beautiful” Letters Askew and Driving “OCD” Hong Kong Moms Nuts!

Sad Scene at Pure: Cleaner Falls on Treadmill and No One Helps

Sunday Brunch Seems Pricey!  How Much Should it Cost and Where Should We Go?

New to HK, Stressed and “Clueless” When it Comes to Hiring a Helper

Thanks for the Support After Question about Bed Sheets Get Heated

It Turns Out We ALL Have an Opinion on How Often to Change the Bed Sheets!?

Shout Out to Boys Who Helped Teach Younger Boy at Skate Park

HKM Urges Us to Seek Help for Depression

Kind Stranger Helps Pregnant Mother With Her Son on Flight

The Frustrations of Trying to Get a Taxi in the Rain! How to Order One?

Newcomers Anxiety Over Hiring a Helper

A Call for Moms to Talk to Their Children About Being Nice to Others

Toddler Gets Bullied in Playgroup

Hong Kong Moms Help After Devastating Loss of Mother

Freaking Out Over a Hideous Spider!

Where Can Five-Year-Old Son Fashion Designer Prodigy Find a Mentor?

Two-Year-Old Rejects Mom for Helper, What to Do?

Is it Possible to Successfully Dispute a Traffic Ticket?

Four-Year-Old Daughter Dreams of Disneyland Wedding…Normal?

Elephant Nature Park Recommended for Family Trip

Olympic Athlete Captured Breastfeeding Her Son After Match

Hospital Policy Says Mom Cannot Stay With Child

Guy Begging For Travel Money?!

Seriously, More PCCW Issues

“Friend” Needs Botox!  Where Should, Um, She, Go?

Collecting Favorite Idioms

Should Children Under Two Go to Indoor Playrooms?

Mom Needs a Break!  Need Girls’ Trip Recs

Help! Five-year-old is Terrible Sleeper

Lucky Mom’s Kids Love Fish! Needs Recipes

The Never-Ending PCCW Nightmare

Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You?

Moving to HK and Can’t Figure Out Where to Live!

Tips for Tinnitus Sufferers

When is an Epidural Administered During Childbirth?

Newly Hired Helper’s Biodata is Bogus!  What to do Now? 

 Have Your Kids Checked for Scoliosis!  Here Are the Signs…

Hospital Bag Tips Needed for Delivery at Queen Mary

Lesson Learned the Hard Way:  Don’t Store Stuff When You Move to HK!

Help!  13-Year Old Daughter Wants to Look Like a Kardashian!

Recommendation for Cafe 8 Above Maritime Museum

Mom Schooled by Daughter on How to Politely Address Annoying Telemarketing Calls

Advice Needed:  People Say Son Looks like a Girl?!

Banana Slide is Back in Hong Kong Park!

Help! Neighbour’s Dog Has Oozing Wounds

Campaign to End Tide of Rubbish; Pictures Sent!

Unrealistic Helper Job Posting Elicits Funny Responses

Outrage Over Being Overcharged at Grocery Stores!

Where Can Girl Donate Her Hair?

Mom Shares her Travel Hack for Flying with Young Children

Thoughts on Brexit?!

Brother Puts Pins in Sister’s Toy & Other Crazy Stories

Tips from Hong Kong Moms Help Daughter with Eczema

Husband Downloaded Inappropriate Book for Daughter, Help!

Taxi Driver Treats Dog and Owner with Kindness

Anger at Use of the Word ‘Retarded’ to Describe Anyone or Anything

3-Year Old Identifies Fusion as the ‘Apple Store’

Personal Trainer Recommendations

Clearest Day Ever (?) in Hong Kong Prompts Request By Travel Photographer

Young Girl Stung by Jellyfish at Clear Water Bay

Tipping Uber Drivers – Does it Impact Your Rating?

Pregnant Woman Made to Stand on MTR While Others Sit

World Traveling Family that Sings for Money is Back in HK

Looking for Long Chain Necklaces for Work

Food Allowances for Helpers – Why or Why Not?

Old Wives’ Tales From Around the World

22 Weeks Pregnant and Craving a Glass of Wine…Is it OK?

Wanted: A Cool, Non-traditional Interior Designer

Alert!  Creepy “Masseuse” Should be Avoided — Maybe Even Reported to the Police

Does a Heavenly Detox Spa Exist? A Mom Needs a Break!

 Is the Baby Name Hillary Too Old-Fashioned?

Too Much Pressure on Women to Wax, Pluck & Groom!

World-Travelling-Family Spotted in Korea Busking Again

Employee at Great Spotted Swapping Organic Eggs with Regular Eggs?!

Indonesia Helpers Banned From Working in Hong Kong?!

A Wax Gone Wrong But No Apology!

How Can Helper Obtain Career-Changing New Skills?

Hong Kong Moms Track Down Mystery Gorgeous Dress!

Bringing Up Children in Australia Vs. Hong Kong?

New Mom to HK Feeling Lonely and Desperate

Baby Born at Matilda Contracts Deadly Infection

Cats Still Missing in Sri Lankan Flood!

T3 Brings Out the Crazy But Beautiful Bugs

Help!  PCCW Madness!

Helper Asks for Reference Letter for Insurance. Legit?

Kudos to The Landmark for Responding to Need for Improved Wheelchair Toilet

Building Says No Helpers in the Pool

Looking for Authentic Indian Food in HK

Excessively Tired Two-Year Old, Just a Phase?

What Would Chinese People Find Offensive in Other Cultures?

Looking for Advice for Son Just Diagnosed with Asthma

Can Stores Charge 50 Cents for a PAPER Bag?

Suggestions for Favorite Disney Movie?

Hong Kong Moms Make Headlines Reducing Plastic Packaging

Hooters Hits Hong Kong!  Grrr!!

Random Act of Kindness Still Resonates with Expecting Mom

Breastfeeding Mom Told Her Baby is Overweight

Delivering a Baby with Dr. Doo Who is Pro-Safety

Pro/Con List of Having a Car in Hong Kong

Mom Shreds Helium Birthday Balloon in Ceiling Fan!

Dumpster Hamster is Now Thriving Thanks to Rescue!

One Final Dinner in HK!  Where Would You Go?

Visit to “Hong Kong Zoo” Traumatizes Mom

Recommendations for Good Read-Aloud Chapter Books for 5-Years Old

Helper Compares Employer to Previous Tycoon Employer

Mom Plans Her Perfect Mother’s Day

Kids Sharing an Ice Cream Cone — Cool or Uncool?

How to Help an Extremely Shy Child

Mom is Told to “Work Harder” to Keep Up Her Appearance

Peeved Mom Told Off for Breastfeeding at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Comments About Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom Offend

Huge Thanks to Ocean Park Staff for Helping Find Lost Boys

Choosing Words Wisely Around the Mother-in-Law

Need Window Screens to Keep the Mosquitos Out!

Overwhelmed by Dust and Desperate for a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Kids Standing Up in Cars Unrestrained

Sleeping Like a Baby?  Not So Much….

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: DIY Vinegar Spray Bottle

Thoughts on Sending Your Child to Boarding School

How to Deal with Bullying at School

Popped Stitch after C-Section at Queen Mary

If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Be a Sweetie and Wipe the Seatie!

Pricey Japanese Mangoes Shock!

Taxi Fare Gouging at the Rugby Sevens!

Helper Using A Brush Full of Mold!!!

Disney or Ocean Park Annual Pass?  Vote Now!

Honest Bee Exotic Meats Advertising E-Mail Has Us Outraged!

Newcomers Looking to Take Their First Holiday. Best Spot To Start Out?

First-Time Mom-to-Be is Feeling Nervous And Homesick

Health Issues Has One Hong Kong Mom Worried and Looking For Answers

Seeking Advice From Design-Savvy Hong Kong Moms! Which Coffee Table Looks Best?

Are There Any Quiet, Grandparents-Worthy Restaurants in Hong Kong?

We Want Dim-Sum for Dinner!  Where to Find It?

Movie Suggestions for a Rainy Day with Kids

A Mom Looking for a New Start in Hong Kong Calls on Hong Kong Moms to Help

Teeth Bleaching! What Works and Where to Do It

The Rain Has Everyone Searching for Wellies

The Rain also has Everyone Searching for the Elusive Perfect Umbrella

Breaking News!  Boys Spotted on MTR Giving Up Their Seats to the Elderly!

Long Haul Flight Ahead — What are the Best Apps to Keep a Kid Entertained?

A Baby’s Development: What is Normal?

Success!  A Hong Kong Mom Finally Rids her House of Mold!

Pottinger Street Under Renovation!

Disrespectful Behavior by Children to Their Helpers

Part-Time Helpers are Mostly Illegal; Don’t Post in a Public Forum

A Triumph:  Boy with Selective Mutism Speaks in Front of Audience

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