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Along with a chill in the air, January comes and usually brings with it the post-holiday blues, a few extra pounds or kilos, and maybe a hangover. The great thing about ringing in a new year, however, is the spirit of starting fresh, making changes and improving upon yourself.

 We’ve connected with an expert in feeling and looking good. She’s a model, Hong Kong Mom of two, wife, TV star, blogger, fitness guru, health coach and Genie Juicery founder — when it comes to Cara McIlroy, you can’t help but think “I’ll have what she’s having”! Here, she shares a new smoothie recipe to help kickstart that resolution.


This is a perfect breakfast smoothie recipe that the whole family can enjoy. Mornings can be quite daunting for any family. Getting everyone fed and dressed and trying to make it where you have to be on time. Not to mention the mess you have to clean post-breakfast. This recipe is easy, filling, relatively tidy and most of all nutritious.

I love to use freeze dried superfood powders in my morning smoothies as it reassures me that I have started my day with a powerful blend of fruits, vegetables and superfoods that will insure I have energy throughout the day. In addition to feeling less guilty about eating a huge lunch of Korean fried chicken! Also, for the kids you can feel at ease that they have received vital nutrients to fuel their little bodies and brains. No junk — just pure raw goodness, the way things are meant to be.



1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of organic chia seeds
A small bunch of organic spinach
1 teaspoon of honey
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 serving a chocolate superfood powder
1 tablespoon of gluten free oats
1 – 1 1/2 cups of chocolate hazelnut milk



Add all ingredients into a powerful blender and blend until well combined.  And enjoy!



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* Photos by Jesper McIlroy 

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