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I am so thrilled to announce the launch of the Hong Kong Moms website.

Hong Kong Moms is a passionate, supportive, dynamic group! There are hundreds of posts every day and I am constantly amazed by the genuine pay-it-forward way that we all help each other. My hope is the new website will capture the same incredible community spirit as our beloved Facebook group.

Facebook is an incredible tool — but there are limitations and this group has so much potential! This website was developed as an extension of Hong Kong Moms and will work in tandem. The website offers a way to organize important information, highlight hot topics that otherwise get lost in the shuffle, get to know each other better and enhance the amazing resources that is Hong Kong Moms.

Here’s what you will find:

TRENDING: Highlights some of the most popular posts of the week so, you don’t miss them!

ASKS: Questions that everyone seems to ask over and over again! Save yourself the search and find a summary of what everyone recommends.

FEATURES: In-depth articles on special topics, interviews with prominent people in the community and personal stories relevant to Hong Kong Moms.

PROFILES: Get to know your fellow Hong Kong Moms. Have you ever wondered who the person is behind the Facebook picture?

BOOK CLUB: Participate in the Hong Kong Moms Book Club and engage in interesting discussions on the pick-of-the-month.

SPECIAL OFFERS: Let’s support all of the amazing “mompreneurs” and save money at the same time. Next time you are buying something, check here first to see if they offer Hong Kong Moms a discount!

KARA’S BLOG: Looking for travel inspiration? Check out my personal blog about where we have been lately.

HONG KONG MOMS POLL: Tell us what you think on funny and serious topics.

Just like the history of Hong Kong Moms, the site will grow organically. I value your feedback along the way.

Hong Kong Moms…because we know best!

Thank you for all of the support!

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