Sonia Lee Nazzer

Name: Sonia Lee Nazzer ( née Herron)

Children and ages Caleb, 11, Elijah, 10, Chrissy, 4, Finn, 2

Where were you born? Belgium

How long have you been in Hong Kong? Nine years with a couple of “breaks” in 2010 and 2013.

Where else have you lived? I grew up in New Zealand, and lived in Canada briefly as a child.  And I lived in Bogota, Colombia for two and half years.

What is/was your career or job? I run my own dance company providing dance and drama classes to kids of all ages.

What brought you to Hong Kong and why have you stayed? I visited and kind of, accidentally, fell in love with Hong Kong. The plan was to go to Tibet and be all spiritual and mystical and have some kind of fabulous encounter.  Turns out it was Chinese New Year,  and I had no idea, and there were no airfares available in my price range (think “backpacker chic”) so, I was stuck in Hong Kong for two weeks and fell in love.  Kind of like being stood up for a date by Mr. Perfect but falling in love with the guy sitting next to you at the bar that fateful evening, while you discuss the pros and cons of internet dating.

What time of day do you check Hong Kong Moms?  Well, I don’t want to sound like I live on Facebook.  Can I not disclose this information?

What do you ask on Hong Kong Moms and which posts do you comment on? I ask why my hamster prefers to live inside my couch instead of the wonderful cute home I bought for him, complete with climbing frames and cute little dishes to eat out of. He has not yet been caught. Or I ask to see more pictures of rashes because I need to add them to my  “rashorama” database for future reference for one of my offspring should I need it.

What is the best thing you have learned from Hong Kong Moms? That Hong Kong is full of very wonderful caring people with only a few trolls, and when I have gone through hell I know there will be someone there to offer a helping hand.

What is your favorite Hong Kong Moms post?  Hmm… the “penis beaker” was a favorite.

Why do you read Hong Kong Moms? Because I can’t be bothered actually calling people or find my remote for my TV. And because it’s got some interesting articles posted by informed women on issues that matter, like the recent Evisu advertising campaign.

Have you met any friends through Hong Kong Moms? This is really fun! YES! and it’s awesome!

Does anyone ever recognize you or your name from Hong Kong Moms? Haha.  Yes, so I am told.

What is your biggest Hong Kong fave? And frustration? I ADORE being able to live my dream and combine my work and my passion here in Hong Kong.  I LOVE the kids here, and being in such a melting pot of cultures. As a single mum of four kids, I LOVE that I can have a live-in helper so, that I can still look after myself and be a girly-girl still, occasionally. I despise Hong Kong winter weather and umbrellas in my eye ( short people get with the program!).

What is your craziest Hong Kong experience? Having a business partner change the locks and cut me out of my own business in 2012. Then opening a dance studio three shops down from him, keeping my smile on and working my ass off. Sadly, he went out of business and I am still here.


Perfect date-night spot:  Look ladies, I ain’t gonna give dating tips here. The best date night spot is an actual spot on my calendar! Preferably, also involves a second person who isn’t a douchebag.

Your go-to for a girls’ get-together: I love dancing at Boujis.

Favorite family-time locale: I like Clearwater Bay Country park, to fly kites or run around with a ball. I will be honest, it’s hard to find a whole family activity that suits my kids age range in Hong Kong. It’s a challenge.

Ideal “me-time” activity: Getting  my nails done or a massage.

Most memorable holiday destination: What’s a holiday?

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