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Has “au natural” been your summer look?  Well, back to school, work, reality.  For many of us, this means breaking out the makeup and looking like a grown-up again.  And the start of a new season offers the perfect opportunity to refresh your supply of “war paint”. Luckily, the experts at NARS have devised an all-in-one “Survival Kit” — a pretty palette of blushes and eyeshadows in classic shades, plus a pink lip gloss and black mascara.

If your cosmetic situation is dire and in need of a total overhaul (do you still have bronzer from high school?), NARS also offers the “Cult Survival Kit” jam-packed with 11 of their essentials.

Time to upgrade your look from laid-back beach babe to luxe lady.


NARS Survival Kit 2

$450 HKD

Lane Crawford



NARS Cult Survival Kit

$3050 HKD

Lane Crawford

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