Kara Arnaudy

Founder + Creative Director

Kara was born and raised in Arizona before going to Duke University. She was a swimmer at Duke until she destroyed both of her shoulders. After graduating, Kara joined Lehman Brothers in New York City and then in London. After three years chained to her desk, she moved to Los Angeles and then San Francisco where she worked with two non-profits.

Kara’s British husband was transferred to Tokyo in 2004 and then to Hong Kong in 2005. Kara rejoined Lehman Brothers in Tokyo but then moved to Citadel, a hedge fund, in Hong Kong. She took some time off to have four children before joining Brookfield as a relocation consultant in 2014, where she advises newcomers to Hong Kong.

Over the last ten years, Kara has lived in five different areas around Hong Kong island and traveled all over Asia. She is busy being a normal mom in an extraordinary country and constantly relying on Hong Kong Moms to help her get things done!

Jenny Levin 

Partner + Editorial Director

A Hong Kong mom of three young girls, Jenny is currently on her second stint in Hong Kong, with more than seven years of expat life under her belt. She is a freelance writer and the author of Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look — a sartorial classic, offering tips for mastering everyday fashion.

Jenny wrote the book as Senior Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, where she worked as an editor and writer for five years.  Her writing has also appeared in the New York Post, Newsweek, US Weekly, and Men’s Journal magazines, as well as various other fashion publications and websites.

Heidi von Creytz

Media Partner

A performance led, creative digital marketing strategist and website creator, passionate about user engagement, relevance and all things digital media.

Heidi supports her clients to succeed online and lead their markets, via a consultive approach that lends itself very closely to target market segmentation, online user behaviours and user experience pertaining to website creation and greater digital strategy. Working with clients to reach an optimal online position is core to Heidi’s days – clients learn how to delve further into how users are engaging with their websites, and to develop ongoing tactics for how they may engage with their defined target markets in a more enhanced, digital strategy led way.

Heidi and her team at Cheddar Media are thrilled to join Hong Kong Moms in the capacity of Media Partner and look forward to supporting the awesome network that is Hong Kong Moms!

Our Story

By Kara Arnaudy

When I moved to Hong Kong in 2005, I didn’t know anyone! I was working full-time and really struggled to find my way. Simple errands seemed to take hours as I walked from shop to shop looking for basic items. Gradually, I made friends I could ask for advice. But, I knew there must be a better way to aggregate our shared knowledge in an efficient way. I started Hong Kong Moms and added a few friends to see if it would work. I never imagined that several years later the group would be at 20,750 members!

Today, we are a supportive, dynamic and growing resource to thousands of people who are moving to Hong Kong, have lived here for years, or even have left Hong Kong! Although we are mostly moms (or mums!), we are also dads, singles, expats, locals, and ex-Hong Kong too. There are hundreds of posts every day and I am constantly amazed by the genuine pay-it-forward way that we all help each other.

Over the years, the group has grown and evolved. There are now so many daily posts that information can get lost in the shuffle. I developed this website as an extension of Hong Kong Moms – a way to consolidate and organise important and interesting details so you can find what you are looking for – faster. Just like the history of Hong Kong Moms, the site will grow organically and try different ways to help us all get things done. I value your feedback along the way.

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