Nicola Burke

Where were you born?  Born and raised in good old North London.

Where else have you lived?  Aside from London, Birmingham and Manchester in the UK, I have also lived in Montpellier and Tokyo.

How long have you been in Hong Kong?  Nine years

Which part of Hong Kong do you live in?  Wan Chai (part of the Bamboo Grove commune)

Children and ages?  Two girls, ages seven and five.


Are you working in Hong Kong and what do you do?  I have two jobs, both poles apart. My corporate day job is in recruitment.  I work for a small business called Reccelerate and we help recruiting firms to find staff (seems strange I know!).

My other role indulges my number one passion, TRAVEL.   I run a family travel blog Jetlag and Mayhem.  I started this as a place to share my experiences (good, bad and ugly) of all things family travel.  The blog has now led to other endeavors such as travel writing, which I really enjoy.

What work did you do in your past lives?  I started life as a management consultant, working for Accenture in the UK.  When I moved to Tokyo as a trailing spouse, I switched gears and moved into executive search.  I have been working in recruitment ever since.

What brought you to Hong Kong and why have you stayed?  The typical trailing spouse!  We haven’t left because we do really enjoy our life out here in Asia.  Our kids are very happy at their school (Kellett) and Hong Kong is an amazing springboard for travel.  I also think we can’t be bothered to contemplate a move just yet.

What time of day do you check Hong Kong Moms?  Around 6.30pm, after I’ve bathed the kids and they’re watching telly.

What posts do you comment on and why?  Ninety percent of the time it’s anything travel-related.  I chime in on anything and everything to do with travel, as I can’t help myself.  It’s all I think about!

What is the best thing you have learned from Hong Kong Moms?  Sometimes I go to Hong Kong Moms before I turn to Google.  The other day I wanted to find out where I could get sandals for my daughters.  I couldn’t be bothered to search myself and I knew that the Moms would have the answers for me.  Two days later our Stride Rite package arrived.  Thanks Hong Kong Moms!

What is your favorite Hong Kong Moms post?  There have been a few ‘grab the popcorn’ moments.  But my favorite post would be my own lost-and-found moment.  My husband was in a taxi on his way back from work and found a laptop.  He called me asking what he should do.  The laptop had a name and I told him, ‘Watch this, I’ll find the owner’.  I put a post on Hong Kong Moms and literally within minutes, we had tracked the rightful owner (who wasn’t actually a member).  That’s the power of Hong Kong Moms for you!

What do you ask Hong Kong Moms?  Restaurant recommendations and travel tips

What is your biggest Hong Kong fave?  Convenience.  I love that my kids’ school bus picks up and drops off from my building.  That I can walk to work in ten minutes.  That there are restaurants and shops on my doorstep.  Although, sometimes this does breed laziness as I rarely leave the bubble of Wan Chai!

And frustration?  Don’t get me started on the horror that is supermarket shopping.  Overpriced products that have already expired.  Having to go to six different places to source ingredients for one meal.  When I visit the UK, I literally go to the supermarket every day, as it’s such a pleasurable experience.  I then cram my suitcase full of as many products as I can, as it is much cheaper.  I’ve just started to bring cheeses back as they have long shelf life and are a quarter of the price.

What is your craziest Hong Kong experience?  My water broke in Pure Yoga during a prenatal yoga class.  I legged it out the class and trailed water all the way back to the changing room, past a huge queue of people waiting for the hot yoga class.  I was in a state of panic running around the changing room and I’ll never forget the kind people who helped me get my stuff and get out of the Centrium building!


Does anyone ever recognize you or your name from Hong Kong Moms?  Haha yes.  I do get quite a bit of ‘oh aren’t you the lady from the Jetlag blog’.  Even more rewarding is when I meet people who tell me they have booked hotels/trips or bought particular travel products off the back of reading my reviews.

What kind of friendships have you made through Hong Kong Moms?  I’ve made some lovely friends and find the community very supportive.  I often get people who have seen some of my recommendations/travel tips and they follow up directly with a PM.  Through that, we have a struck up a friendship.  I don’t think that would happen in London.

Which Hong Kong Mom would you like you to see featured next?  I would love to see make-up artist extraordinaire Jaime Smith of Smudge Makeup Artistry.


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