What is a good gift to give my helper?

Most of us would agree that our lifestyle here in Hong Kong is greatly enhanced by the wonderful domestic helper community. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without my helper!” is a common refrain. They offer us huge support but often, in our busy lives, go under appreciated. The holidays and birthdays are a great time to show our gratitude. Giving a cash bonus (if possible) is customary and appreciated, but it’s also nice to have a tangible present to open. A thank you card from everyone goes a long way too!  If you’re stuck for ideas, let this list inspire you!  And if all else fails, ask her what she would really like!




A gift card to see a movie with a friend and some popcorn at a Broadway Circuit  or AMC Theater cinema; purchase online or at the theater

A gift certificate for a foot massage at Happy Foot


House Smoked Turkey Breast from Butcher’s Club


A turkey or ham for Christmas lunch with her friends or extended family members from one of these online meat suppliers.


Mini Pies from Tai Tai Pie Pies


Cookies, cakes or other sweet treats for her to share with friends




Treat her to some luxury cosmetics and lotions from The Body Shop or Lush

A pampering experience at Sense of Touch, Iyara, or Sala Raj


Help her relax with a reusable, microwavable shoulder pad filled with aromatic Thai herbs from Five Senses.

A blow-dry at Airplay for HKD380 and/or spa manicure for HKD280


Tote from Zara


Gift cards for clothing and accessories from Zara, Marks & Spencer, H&M or Cotton On

Slippers from Uniqlo
Fleece Coat from Uniqlo


A pair of house slippers, a fleece or a warm sweater from Uniqlo

Gifts to send to their children/grandchildren such as clothes, toys, and books

Sony Xperia Smartphone from Fortress
Sony Xperia Smartphone from Fortress

A tablet or smartphone (Wan Chai Computer Centre sells less expensive refurbished phones)


Christmas Cookie Class at Complete Deelite
Christmas Cookies from Complete Deelite

Christmas cookie “Bake and Decorate” workshop at Complete Deelite

Swimming lessons from Splash

Disneyland Hong Kong

A day pass to Disneyland or Ocean Park for her and a friend

Picture of the family (with her in it) and thank you note

A trip home


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