How can I make resolutions that work?

Well, we all had good intentions to kick off January 1st with a bang — time for a new me, right? But how can you start all those big changes when you are hungover, jet-lagged and, oh yeah, you have kids to deal with? You can’t. And that is OK. Accept it and move on. Luckily, us Hong Kong-ers have a second chance on those resolutions — who said we couldn’t go by the lunar calendar?  So, here’s to rebooting those big ideas for Chinese New Year!


Cold-pressed goodness from Genie Juicery

You are what you eat

First things first, flush out all those toxins (how many glasses of champagne did you drink over the holidays?) and try a juice program. If you can’t fathom the idea of a full detox, buy juices individually. Start off by adding one to your morning routine. Or, replace your evening indulgence with a nut milk. Good news: Genie Juicery is offering 20% off a wide variety of raw, vegan, delicious and nutritious beverages and food with code: HKMOMS.


An organized closet is an organized mind

Bring order to the chaos — and instantly calm your mind (and avoid future outfit anxiety). Dedicate one full morning for a closet overhaul — it’s worth the time investment! Here, some tips to make it a less overwhelming project.

  1. If you didn’t wear it in 2016, toss it into the donate pile.
  2. If it doesn’t bring you joy and make you feel great, why is it still in your closet?
  3. Your clothes don’t have feelings! Let it go!
  4. Toss wire and plastic hangers and switch everything to space-saving velvet ones. Trust us.
  5. Store items that need extra care and are not frequently worn. Don’t shove them under the bed where you will never remember they are there. And don’t let your favorite pieces get moldy or moth-eaten. Try out the new storage solution PAKT, where you can have a digital picture library of everything stored and have it delivered to you within 24 hours when you need it! Think evening dresses, seasonal clothes, cashmere, and more. You just opened up a lot more closet space. Zen.
  6. Decide on a system that works for you: group by color, style and type (casual, gym, work, or holiday).
  7. If you are seriously indecisive, hire a professional who can help you make those tough choices. Sheryl Bolden from Make My Wardrobe Work offers a closet editing service.
  8. Finally, put together ten of your favorite outfits for each season and snap a photo. Stick it up somewhere easy to see so you can literally get dressed without being fully awake and still look good. You’re welcome!


Delete & unsubscribe

Are you one of those people with 10,000 emails in your inbox? It’s hard to think straight when you see that massive number staring back at you every time you log-in.

  1. Sit down one evening and flick on a mindless movie you have seen before…and begin. Start at the bottom and delete, delete, delete. Open and then minimize any messages that need addressing.
  2. Unsubscribe from all of those unread marketing emails and save yourself this pain again next January!
  3. Set up folders to categorize your emails and keep things neat and tidy going forward.
  4. And if you can’t bear it, highlight the lot, close your eyes…and delete all.



Set a goal to establish a quiet, mindful moment every day. Trial a program like Headspace and see how you do. (Headspace is a digital service that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Its content can be accessed online, or via their mobile apps).

  1. Play a ten-minute session every morning before the kids are up to start the day off right. Or, try it (to calm yourself before the storm) just prior to the kids coming home.
  2. Get the children involved too. Play an age-appropriate meditation for those squirmy kids who have a hard time settling at night!


Bust out of your routine

Book a dinner with friends, an evening yoga class, tennis match or take a walk during “the witching hour”. Outsourcing the nighttime routine with the kids once a week (or month) will give you a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm and lessen that “groundhog day” feeling.


Read yourself to sleep

Stuck binge watching Netflix? Can’t find something appealing to read? Start with Lucky Boy — the latest Hong Kong Moms Book Club selection. Also, check out these resources for the Best Books of 2016 and the buzz-worthy picks for 2017:


Stop here

Make it attainable. Don’t try to remake yourself and upend your life before next month. Start with these simple steps and add new goals when it feels right. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and give yourself some well-deserved credit. It’s going to be a great year!


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