Where can I get a good chocolate-chip cookie?

Living abroad has its perks — one of them being the opportunity to try new and exotic cuisines.  But let’s face it, a major drawback to being away is missing, craving, your favorite foods from “back home”.  Chocolate-chip cookies anyone? Nothing quite tastes the same as the ones Grandma used to make, but some sweet-toothed Hong Kong Moms have found some that may just fill that baked-good void.

Sugar Sisters: American-style, online bakery specializing in cookies and brownies. The “Salted-Sister” is their most popular! Can do gluten-free.

Eric Kayser: French bakery with breads, pastries and treats.  The chocolate-chip cookies are huge!

Munchies:  Natural, organic bakery featuring sweets like donuts, ice cream and a variety of cookies — with names like “Double Double”, “White Widow”, and “Green Crack”.

Tai Tai Pie Pies:  Semi-sweet chocolate available with or without nuts. Order online to have your fix delivered to your door.

Pret:  Chunky chocolate cookie is best hot out of the oven.  They don’t deliver but there are multiple locations in Hong Kong.

Marks & Spencer:  Freshly baked and a white-chocolate-chip version too!

Cookie Boy:  Replaces the chip with chunks of Valrhona chocolate for the ultimate classic experience; order online too.

Sift:  Cupcakes are what usually comes to mind but they make Valrhona dark chocolate chip cookies as well!


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