Where can I get a cake custom made?

While most of us dream of effortlessly baking a Martha-Stewart-worthy birthday cake for our little ones, few of us have the time, kitchen-size and, let’s face it, the skills.  But lucky for us Martha wannabes, there are many extremely talented dessert doyennes in the Hong Kong Moms community.  These names are cited time and time again.  If we missed one that you would recommend, please let us know!

Baked by Sunshine (9487-5318)

Keik (

Sweet Tooth Fairies (

Teresa Festival (2528-1272)

Cynthia’s Cakes (6292-8466;

Citrus Sweets (5199-4774;

Cakers n Bakers (6572-0217;

Anthea’s Bakery (6195-2299)

D’Elicious (9104-8491;

Party Mate Cakes (9463-7720)

Ballin Bakes Organic and paleo options (6706-6601;

Chocolate Kisses Bakery (

The Cake Lady (

Sweet Creations

Scarlett’s Cake Lab (

A Piece of Cake, By Lucy (

Complete Deelite (3167-7022)

Cakeeta (9317-5928;

Baking Maniac (

Sweet Secrets (2545-8886)

The Cake Minstrel (

Sugar Creations (6208-3834)

The Kitchen Faerie (9688-6329)

Jollie Bellie Cakery

The Village Bakery (2980-3344)

Two Lil’ Bakers

Vintage Cakes (9303-9025)

Vanilla Petals (6460-2207 / 3568-9802)

Joti Mann (Totally Baked) (WhatsApp:  9813-7437)

Ace Cakery

Blissful Frostings (

Trish Pops (9773-5508)

The Cakery (6683-3833)

Bakes By Tania ( 6201-9188;

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