The Best Children’s Books: A Guide by Age & Ability

As involved, hands-on parents we know that encouraging the love of reading in our children is a priority. And it is not just about teaching your kids to read or how early they learn to read, how fast or on what level — the key is fostering and nourishing a passion for books. It has been proven time and again being around books, reading to and with your children correlates to success academically and in life.

While many of our children have access to well-stocked libraries and book stores and we can spend time and money on seeking out the best books to buy, Hong Kong has one of the lowest rates of family literacy in the world. Bring Me A Book Hong Kong works to change this by providing books, library and teacher and parent literacy training in Hong Kong for those in need. The advocacy group’s vision is “… a Hong Kong in which every child is read to, strengthening family and community bonds, and creating a love of learning.”

Bring Me A Book’s executive director Pia Wong

One of the most frequently asked questions posed to this wonderful organization is, “What books should I read to my children?” So, they’ve compiled a guide of recommended quality books, organized by age and ability. You can download it here! The list comprises of new titles for 7 years+, 10 years+ Aspiring  and Avid readers, Non-fiction, Graphic Novels, and Stories in Verse. There is also a guide for books in Mandarin! The books are available to borrow exclusively for Bring Me a Book Family Members from June 15, 2017 — to become a member, they can apply here.


Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore fun, engaging stories (without the pressure of “required reading”). So, when packing your beach bag this holiday, don’t forgot to toss in a few books (along with your SPF!) and enjoy the quality time with your little ones.

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