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We are all unique genetically. With a simple DNA cheek swab, your genes can explain why you react differently to exercise regimens and essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Your genes also determine your taste perception, food preferences, satiety responsiveness and metabolism.

That’s why some people, for example, are more likely to crave sugary and fatty foods and lack the sense of satiety. Some people try to lose weight by eating a low-fat diet, but that approach may not suit them if they are genetically more sensitive to the amount of sugar they consume rather than the amount of fat. The same idea applies to exercise effectiveness. For example, some people who are more resistant to burning fat during endurance exercise may complain that exercise does not “work” for them.

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Genetic variants may interfere with the absorption and metabolism of vitamins and nutrients. For example, some people are unable to convert folic acid from supplements and folate from natural food sources into L-methylfolate, the active form of the B vitamin. These people could improve their health if they take L-methylfolate supplements instead.
While you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can take active steps to reduce the risk of certain diseases and optimize your health. Personalized genetic information allows you to focus on the modifiable lifestyle factors such as healthy diet, exercise regimen and appropriate supplement intake.

AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test examines the following, which are influenced by your genes:

• Increased blood cholesterol
• Obesity and Body Mass Index
• Relative resting metabolic rate
• Fast twitch muscle fiber activity
• Vitamin (eg. A, D) and folate / folic acid metabolism
• Addictive behaviors

It also helps you better understand the interactions between your genes, diet and exercise for:
• Sugar and carbohydrate metabolism
• Alcohol and caffeine metabolism
• Dietary fat intake and response to blood cholesterol
• Lactose intolerance and bone health
• Diabetes management

Health Wellness Report

A summary of your genetic findings is included in the report. You can choose to go through your results with our dietitian in-person at our office or via online communication tools such as Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat. Based on our diet and lifestyle recommendations, your physician, personal trainer or dietitian can create a diet and exercise plan that is tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

AGS offers also other types of genetic tests such as “Personalized Medicine” test and the latest test on the market “Caris Molecular Intelligence” test that illuminate a clearer path to personalized cancer treatment.

AGS is giving Hong Kong Moms a discount. Call for the details and have your cheek swab done in their Central office in just a couple of minutes. The results take about two weeks.

To learn more contact Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) 16/F Chuang’s Tower, 30-32 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.  852 2618 1869


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