Affordable Art Fair Comes to Town

Along with the heat and humidity hitting Hong Kong in May, comes a chance to get your culture fix — and let the kids in on the action. The Affordable Art Fair, held May 18th through May 20th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, puts 1000 artists on display from over 115 galleries from HK and all over the world. Not only is the art accessibly priced (hence the name) at under $10,000 HKD, the fair boasts many hands-on, creative opportunities for the little ones. There is the “Traveling Creative Studio” as well as the “Children’s Art Studio” on-site. Bonus: All art education activities are free, as is entry for children under 16 years old. Plus, there are many other special projects on display, lectures, and an evening of performance art with proceeds going to charity. It’s an annual HK event that ticks all the boxes.

Affordable Art Fair

Date: 18 May – 20 May
Venue: Hall 3D&E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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