What are the moving companies in Hong Kong?

If you’re moving within Hong Kong or moving on to your next adventure somewhere else, moving is stressful.  One of the first items on your checklist is usually finding a moving company.  Here’s a round-up of Hong Kong’s pack-it-up experts from the no frills to the big guys:

  • Allied Pickfords (international & local; 2736-6032)
  • Transworld (international & local;  2898-1717; general@tw-shipping.com)
  • reloSMART (international & loca; 2561-3030; enquiry@relosmart.asia)
  • Asian Express (international & local; 2893-1000; hongkong@aemovers.com.hk)
  • Santa Fe (international & local; 2574-6204)
  • Asian Tigers (international & local; 2528-1384; enquiry@asiantigers-mobility.com)
  • Links (international & local; 2366-6700; links@linksmoving.asia)
  • Seven Seas  (international; 2724-6698)
  • Crown (international & local; 2636-8388; hongkong@crownrelo.com)
  • Setia (local; 3540-1149; inquiry@setiamovers.com)
  • IKA Removal (local; 2323-2233; info@ika.com.hk)
  • Yiu Ming (local; yiuming@yiumingremove.com.hk)
  • AGS Movers (international & local; 2885-9666; manager.hongkong@agsfourwinds.com)
  • Columbia  (international & local; 2547-6228; info@columbia-removals.com.hk)

Most of us have moved several times and have a lot of experience on this topic!  Who do you recommend and why?  Let us know!

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