Any ideas for good teacher gifts?

They nurture, challenge, teach, discipline and put up with our children day-in and day-out — and manage to make it look easy.  Somehow “thank you” doesn’t seem to do it justice!   What can you give a teacher to show your appreciation without breaking the bank (and violating any school rules!)?


Teachers in the Hong Kong Moms community have weighed in on this subject that is dear to their hearts.  Here are a few tips straight from the source:

  • Check to see if your teacher is leaving town right after school finishes — if so,  perishable baked goods and flowers might not be suitable.
  • Chocolates are delicious but too many are not good for the waistline!
  • Don’t feel compelled to give gifts — even if “everyone” is doing it!  A simple heartfelt thank you card is just as appreciated.
  • Scented soaps, candles, and lotions can pile up at home and be hit or miss.

You can’t go wrong with these teacher favorites:



  • Bottle of wine – they deserve it!  (Hong Kong Moms get a discount at The Wine Stash and The Saffa; check the Special Offers page!)
  • Flowers or potted plant
  • “World’s Best Teacher” mug
  • Macarons in a pretty box from Ladurée
  • Tea in fancy packaging — like the tins sold at The Cakery



  • Handwritten note of appreciation from you and/or your child
  • Class photo framed and signed by the children
  • Letterpress stationary from Ditto Ditto







Group Gifts

  • Voucher to a nice restaurant in Central
  • Gift certificate for a massage at the Mandarin Spa
  • Decorative box from Shanghai Tang


What is your go-to teacher gift?  Let us know!

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